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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summery Petit Sangria

This weekend we hosted the neighborhood happy hour for the first time in years, and I crafted a sangria for our guests. The inspiration was a few bottles of petit syrah I had in my wine rack. Its volume and fruitiness called for a strong citrus counterpart in a sangria recipe. I went with freshly squeezed oranges, although I complemented with lemon to add some acid and complexity after tasting. I also added a pop of rose champagne to give just a little bite of fizz to the already delightful flavor.
As I built the sangria, I could see the promise ahead. Often, mixing is as much fun as enjoying the result. That said, the empty carafe at the end of the night called that into question.

Petit Sangria

¼ cup triple sec
¼ cup orange vodka (I used Absolut Mandrin)
3 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
3 cup fresh fruit (such as berries and orange and lemon wheels)
1 bottle petit syrah
1/3 bottle rose champagne
3 tablespoon superfine sugar

Combine ingredients in a pitcher.


Bourbon George said...

I think you mean Sangria, not Sangrita; Sangrita being a spicey tomato juice sipped with tequila.

Lindsey Olson said...

Hi Shawn,

I was wondering if I speak with you about a campaign I am working on for one of my clients. I recognize your posts are you own recipes, but this campaign may be of interest to your site. Is there a way I can reach you more directly through e-mail?

Lindsey Olson

Shawn said...

Bourbon George -- well put. I was perhaps a bit to cavalier in calling it a "sangrita" in the first draft. I had thought that the "petit" syrah suggested entitling the drink a "sangrita" rather than a sangria but I see how that was misleading. Thanks for that good comment.

Shawn said...

Hi Lindsey, please feel free to e-mail me at rejiggered@aol.com. Thanks!

brooke said...

Looks delicious !!

Count me in.


Lazarus Lupin said...

Ok I'm dumb, what's petit syrah? And is there a substitute for it? We live in the sticks here.

Lazarus Lupin
art and review

Shawn said...

Lazarus -- any fruity red wine would be a good substitute, perhaps a zinfandel (one of my favorite varietals!) or even a canernet sauvignon.

joven said...

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