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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mixology Monday -- Pineapple Mojitos

Mixology Monday: Pineapple Mojitos

Many thanks to Trader Tiki for hosting Mixology Monday, with the fun and flexible theme of rum cocktails.

I must admit, as a bona fide son of Kentucky, May gives me heady thoughts of bourbon and an obscure horse race in Louisville. In fact, I have had my hands full the last couple of weeks hosting my own Derby party. But, that has little to do with rum, and should be the subject of another post.

So, there I was, challenged by my schedule as well as my preconceptions about the season, when the Rum Gods intervened. How so? A comittee that wrote a local cookbook had a party celebrating its publication, and I was tapped to whip up a batch of my pineapple mojitos, which were included in the book. So, armed with fresh mint, my trusty muddler and a miscellany of mixology gear, I knocked out a few rounds for my friends, and even a little for myself.

Yes, yes, I know. All the Web 2.0 types will tell you, bloggers shouldn't republish. I should have bought a bottle of one or two of the dark tropical rums I have been dying to try and played with it for a night or two. But who am I to deny the will of the Rum Gods? Or the whirl of the Derby season? Or the kind requests of my friends? All that considered, I humbly link back to pineapple mojitos.

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