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Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Simple, Cardinal Rule for Drinking

Over time, we have heard all sorts of rules about drinking and moderation. Many are keyed to local sobriety rules. One drink per hour and the like. Then we have those silly ordering rules -- "beer then liquor, never been sicker; liquor then beer, never fear." Let's be honest wih ourselves. Alcohol is alcohol, regardless of whether it features hops, grapes or the burnt innards of a wooden cask --or whether it is first or last on the menu.

Maybe a simple rule of thumb is in order for those times you want to keep your faculties. I propose this one simple rule that has stood the test of time for me:

If you can't find your glass, it's time to stop drinking for the night.

All right, let's not be completely inflexible. Exceptions certainly apply. If you're the host and misplace your glass while turning out a second or third or fourth round of appetizers for your guests, don't worry if your glass goes missing for a few moments. On the other hand, if your duties at a party are limited to enjoying the hospitality, making brilliant conversation and delivering yourself home safely, perhaps consider that elusive glass as a sign that it's time for a little H2O.

Cheers, all!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Entertaining post, and so true! This is why I welcome the advent of drink charms--I know it's bad when I've even forgotten which identifier is mine! I think perhaps now I'll look into a distinctive shade of lipstick, so I can find MY glass and not have to deny myself any of your delicious creations!