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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Endorsements, Squared

First things first, I cannot believe how long it has been since the last post, largely because of my crazy work demands. I've poured a cocktail or two in the interim, though, and they have distilled a couple of endorsements.

The first is Sobieski vodka. I tried it on the rocks for the first time last week. It was smooth but also had a subtle and refined character and viscosity with every drink. Excellent. I then mixed it in a couple of cocktails that would let the character of the vodka come forward -- a dry vodka martini and a lemon drop. Both were clean and delightful. I'm looking forward to adding Sobieski to some recipes in upcoming posts.

The second endorsement is seasonal -- freshly squeezed pomegranate juice. In keeping with the Mixologist Manifesto, I always recommend using freshly squeezed juices in cocktails. Lemons, limes, and oranges are easy and familiar. Slice them in two and crush them with the reamer. Not so with the pomegranate. Cut through the tough skin, and the spokes of pith bristle with seeds encapsulated in juice. I reamed and squeezed this unfamiliar fruit over a fine mesh strainer, taking the extra step of hand-bursting those elusive red seed pods that escaped the first assault. Each fruit gave up about two ounces of brightly flavored, reddish-pink juice that absolutely left bottled pomegranate juice far behind. Sadly, at least here in northern Virginia, fresh pomegrantes are not always on the grocer's shelf, but when they are, the flavor is (as it should be) worth the effort.

Pairing the two endorsements, I shook up a Sobieski cosmopolitan, with pristinely fresh pomegranate and lime juices and Grand Marnier. Next to the from-concentrate, well-bottle counterparts, the vibrantly pink drink wasn't just twice as good -- the difference was exponential.


natalie@theliquidmuse.com said...

I love Sobieski! It is a great value for a good product.

And - damn - kudos on squeezing your own pomegranates. You are a cocktail stud!

Shawn said...

Thanks Natalie! Now I am emboldened -- and even considering picking up one of those home juicing machines.

Anonymous said...

Sobieski rocks. It's about time someone showed everyone that the only difference between Grey Goose and another vodka that's just as good is $20 in your pocket instead of the wallet of some MBA jerkoff who's preying on people who need to validate their self-worth by overpaying for a cocktail. Glad to see they're doing well - the product and their whole ad campaign have become favorites of mine.