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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bubbly Snowbird

A New Year's Resolution

I fear I have disappointed a friend. Stacey (as in Stacey's Vietnamese Buzzsaw) asked me what I would drink on New Year's Eve, and if I had any practical suggestions, considering that recent posts have called for a bit more hard-to-find ingredients. (Sub Rosa is working hard on that, by the way!) Unfortunately, I didn't get the e-mail until late and failed to respond.

The champagne cocktail is an easy choice this time of year, and a batch of Snowbird Rum Runner left from a dinner party last night looked inviting. They made a great pair...and I hereby just need to resolve to be more responsive in 2008.

Bubbly Snowbird

2 oz Snowbird Rum Runner
2 oz dry champage

Pour Snowbird Rum Runner into a champage flute. Top with champagne.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You NEVER disappoint -- it's OK, plain old wine and champagne worked great for me (did not care for rum punch our guests brought) but I'm always curious what you'll come up with. Happy New Year!