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Friday, November 9, 2007

One of My Favorite Beers

The beer was a can of Corona. But where the beer was, rather than what kind of beer it was, made it one of my favorites.

It was at the marina bar at the Pelican Bend Restaurant in Isles of Capri, Florida. Isles of Capri is a town outside Marco Island in southwest part of the state. Pelican Bend specializes in serving generous amounts of fresh seafood prepared simply and well. The restaurant backs to a marina, and at the water's edge a screened bar seats parties waiting for their tables alongside the regulars. License plates from all over adorn the walls, and a cool mister sometimes runs to blow away the day's heat. The atmosphere is casual, friendly, and relaxed. In the evenings the bar, like many a waterside view in southwest Florida, gets bathed in a stunning sunset.

I'm surprised I ever left.

Thanks to Dan McGarvey for the photo.


Deb said...

Why did you leave?????!

Shawn said...

I'm still struggling with that one.