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Sunday, November 30, 2008

My New Favorite Garnish

My new favorite garnish is a citrus rind gently flamed so its oils ignite and shower the drink. Its presentation is singular and dramatic. The flavor it imparts is assertive yet smooth.

It's an easy technique. Cut a strip of rind from a citrus fruit that complements your drink. (For example, for those who like their martinis with a twist, try a flamed lemon rind.) The strip should be roughly between one-half to one inch thick, and one to two inches long. Mix your cocktail. Strike a match and hold the rind just above (but not touching) the flame, which in turn should be above the cocktail glass. Gently squeeze the rind to express the oils which should ignite in quite the pyrotechnic display. Drop the rind in the glass and enjoy.

To see the technique in action, check out Gary Regan of (Ardent Spirits) putting on a masterful display on Fine Living's Great Cocktails show.

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