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Sunday, August 12, 2007

What Do I Drink?

What Do I Drink?

After all, this blog gives a wide range of recipes -- light and refreshing fizzes, escapist tropical concoctions, sweet and creamy drinks that are almost desserts -- without much editorializing on my preferences among them. However, the lore around the blog community is that one should post an introspective piece for the hundredth post. To be sure, I enjoy every drink here, and would not have put them up if I did not. However, at the end of a day's work, more often than not, my drink is this simple.

Bourbon. Rocks.

Straight bourbon is a complex drink unto itself. Different brands have their own balance of sweet and woody flavors, and of course different proofs as well. Which to choose? My "well" bourbon is Jim Beam. When I want to step up a bit, I'll choose Maker's Mark or Knob Creek. My grandfather always drank Maker's Mark, so it holds some nostaligia for me. I can remember as a kid being fascinated by the bottles with red wax dripped down their necks. Once I was old enough to have some of my own, I completely understood the attraction. In comparison, the "Knob" trades a little smoothness for extra proof, but still manages to strike the right balance. (Now and then I'll pour a Wild Turkey, or its cask strength cousin.)

My top shelf favorites are Blanton's (my all time favorite), Woodford Reserve, Booker's, Baker's and Russell's Reserve. I usually save those for some special occasion, like winning a case or making it to another birthday.

The Jack Daniels family is missing from this list. Maybe it's my Kentucky heritage, but when I have a choice, please, no Tennessee whiskey for me.

Of course, I have phases where I enjoy other drinks, particularly martinis and single malts. But if pressed to pick just one, bourbon on the rocks is what I drink. So, now I'd like to hear from you.

What do you drink?


DCThrowback said...

Clear drinks for me, Shawn. I really enjoy vodka. And lately, the greyhound has been perfect - it's a great drink on a full OR empty stomach.

Shawn said...

A greyhound is an outstanding drink, especially in the summer. I'm also partial to its cousin, the salty dog. In fact, I had a few poolside while I was on vacation!