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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Drink Bling ID

These plastic critters rode the rim of some lovely drinks at Ceiba in DC. The question is...what do you think they are? Opinions certainly varied among our group.


natalie@theliquidmuse.com said...

Hey Shawn,
My first thought was that they are deer. But, upon closer inspection of your pic... perhaps they are bulls?? Did you have some kind of Spanish drink with them??

Do we win a prize if we get the right answer? (I might just have to cheat and ask someone over there...) ha ha...


Shawn said...

I had a "Dark and Stormy" and a "Bocas del Fuego" (http://www.ceibarestaurant.com/spirits.html). The latter sounded so innocuous from its description, but I couldn't resist it when the bartender told e the house sour mix had pepper in it.

And, it looks like you win the prize by default! Our table guessed they were chihuahuas, but they are in fact bulls. Misshapen mutant neon deer-dog-bulls.